GBC Mission Partners

We support various missionaries and agencies. Below are those we currently support either financially or prayerfully or both.

Member Missionaries

The following are members of GBC and are supported both financially and in prayer as well as having pastoral support.

The Church runs WhatsApp groups for each set of missionaries which members and friends can join. This helps to keep you up to date (faster than waiting for pray letters etc) and allow you to send messages back in support / encouragement. Those missionaries with a WhatsApp group are indicated  by the WhatApp symbol. To join the group send your contact details by email to 


Clive and Kathryn

Clive and Kathryn Gray

Clive & Kathryn have been serving on the mission field for over 10 years. Clive is from Carrickfergus and was raised in Ghana where his parents were Wycliffe Translators. Kathryn is from Florida, but considers herself as Northern Irish. Clive was a pilot flying executive jets and Kathryn was an airline stewardess. They both attended Belfast Bible College prior to going to SE Asia where Clive flew missionary planes, first with World Team then with JAARS. They returned to Ireland to pursue a Master degrees. They are now involved in work in various locations in SE Asia, both in sharing the gospel and discipleship.

 Email to join the prayer letter list or for updates


Matt and Kelsea Foreman

Matt and Kelsea are assigned to the work of the International Evangelical Church of the Algarve in Portugal. 

Matt and Kelsea Foreman are answering the call to serve the Lord in the south of Portugal. Matt grew up in Portugal from the age of two and moved away when he was sixteen to finish schooling in England. Kelsea grew up as a missionary kid in Indonesia. They met at Belfast Bible College where they both attained Bachelor degrees in theology. They annually help lead Camp Sonshine Portugal for children and youth at the International Evangelical Church of the Algarve.

They moved to Portugal in the autumn of 2021 where Matt will serve practically as the site manager and spiritually through evangelism in the Bible garden. They both will oversee the children & family ministry at IECA with their two children, Sunny and Oakley.



Agencies with GBC Members

We support the work of mission organisations where we have GBC members on staff. 

Baptist Missions LogoBaptist Missions

Baptist Missions is the Mission Department of the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland.  In 1977 the Irish Baptist Home Mission (formed in 1888) and the Irish Baptist Foreign Mission (formed in 1924) merged to become Baptist Missions.

With workers and mission partners serving in France, Ireland, Peru and Spain, BM work with existing Baptistic churches to reach out with the gospel and see new churches being planted.

As a church we support BM through our Association Membership and directly to Paul & Kate McFarland in Youghal.  We will seek to have various workers from Baptist Missions on deputation so we can find out more about their work and be able to pray for them.

You can be kept up to date with all the work of Baptist Missions in Ireland, Peru, France & Spain by signing up to the weekly BM Prayer News at

Paul & Kate McFarland

Paul & Kate McFarland

As a Baptist church we support the work of our Association's Irish Baptist Missions and are partnering with Paul & Kate as they continue their work in Youghal, co. Cork.

Paul originally comes from Ballymoney. Kate was born in Zimbabwe and moved to Lismore, Co., Waterford as a teenager. They met in Midleton Baptist Church when Paul served there in a youth-work role before coming to Youghal. They moved to Youghal in 2014 at the Church's invitation and through Baptist Missions' support. Paul's role with Baptist Missions in Youghal is to pastor the Church, reach out to others with the Good News about Jesus, and, Lord willing, over time, see the Church come to a place where it is financially self-supporting.

Find out more at about their work in Youghal by visiting:

You can keep up to date with Paul & Kate and pray for them and all the Baptist Missions workers and partners by signing up to the weekly Prayer News Email at

Missionaries who we partner with in prayer

We support the work of other agencies, some of which have GBC members on staff.




Supported Agencies / Projects / Teams

We support the work of other agencies, some of which have GBC members on staff.


Tobias & Julie Haslund-Thomsen

Tobias is 30 years and from Aalborg in the northern part of Denmark. He is married to Julie and together they have a son called Samuel.

Tobias grew up in a Christian family in a very charismatic church. At the age of 12 he came to faith and as he pursued God and His Word in his teens, he was eventually led to reformed theological convictions. In 2014 Tobias started studying medicine to become a doctor, but was called to ministry. This resulted in him leaving medicine to pursue theological studies from 2015-2021 where he obtained his master's degree from Aarhus University. Besides studying theology, he underwent pastoral training in his local church, and was eventually taken on as one of its pastors.

In the summer of 2021 Tobias moved from the church in Aalborg to Aarhus (the second largest city in Denmark) to take on a church plant called ‘Haven Aarhus’ where he is still serving as the pastor.

Denmark is an extremely secular country, and that tendency is even stronger in big cities like Aarhus. There is a great need for the gospel! Tobias wants to establish a strong, healthy, and biblical local church in Aarhus.

Besides pastoring a local church, Tobias is preaching and teaching throughout Denmark at local churches, bible schools, conferences etc. He is also a council member for The Gospel Coalition Nordic.


Rabboni Mercy Trust

Rabboni Mercy Trust run the Rabboni Mercy Orphanage. Bangalore, India. It is a small registered charity (ref NIC100523) that Mike & Shona Ewan and a small group of trustees are involved with. It works in partnership with an Indian pastor and his wife in Bangalore who care for around 25 of these children. We have been supporting this work since we first met Pastor Raja and Jebasheela in 2004

VimeoClick to view videos about the work.

Manuel and Jania Morelli

Manuel is the leader of a new church plant in the city of Ravenna, on the Adriatic coast in the north of Italy. The church is called “Chiesa Solo Cristo Ravenna” (Christ Alone Church Ravenna).

Manuel is married to Jania; they have two daughters, Rebecca (7 years old) and little Rachele (3 years old).

The Lord saved Manuel during a visit to Brazil. Jania is Brazilian; she invited Manuel to attend an evangelical service. At that time he wasn’t able to speak and understand Portuguese, but God granted him the ability to understand everything during the service. The Lord spoke to him through the preaching of the Word, and gave him a new heart to believe.

Since that time the Lord has put in his heart a great passion for the Bible. He studied the Scriptures with eagerness, but a question troubled his soul: ‘Am I sure of my salvation? - Do I have certainty about my eternal life?’ God used this anxiety to lead him to study reformed theology, and over a period of time to guide him into the pastoral ministry.

Today, having studied theology, first in Padua at IFED, 'Istituto di Formazione Evangelica e Documentazione’ (Institute of Evangelical Training and Research), with Pietro Bolognesi and Leonardo De Chirico, then at London Seminary, he is now fully engaged in all the activities of the new church in Ravenna.

Ravenna is a relatively large commercial city in the north of Italy. The main religion is of course Roman Catholicism, but sadly, the Jehovah’s Witnesses and the prosperity gospel have also gained many converts. Manuel believes that, as in the days of the prophet Elijah, today the church in Italy faces a great spiritual battle against Satan and idolatry. To win this great battle we must trust in God and in the power of the Word of God.

The new church in Ravenna has regular Lord’s Day services and Sunday school activities; it also meets in houses for Bible studies and prayer meetings. Manuel can testify that the Lord has been faithful and good, and that it is only right to give Him all thanks and praise.

If you want to know more about the new church plant in Ravenna please visit the church web site:


Walter and Ella Madimutsa

Watler and Ella are part of a small SIM team in Zimbabwe. Walter assisting the southern African church send out mission workers and both he and Ella run a Christian nursery school. Sent by John White Memorial Congregational Church, Belfast, they long to see more Africans mobilised into mission work.

Prayer Initiatives

Below is two prayer initiatives that as a church we are part off.

Adopt a People


We as a Church have committed to join the ‘Pray to Zero’ initiative in conjunction with Frontiers Ireland. There are 768 different Muslim people groups in the world with a population over 100,000. There are, as of January 2018, the number of unengaged Muslim people groups was 179, a fall from 300 in 2000, and we believe God wants to see that number reach zero!

We have ‘Adopted’ the Luwu people of the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia.


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The Luwu

·      Population: 290,000

·      Country: Indonesia

·      Language: Tae’

·      Main Religion: Islam

·      Scriptures: None available

·      Pray that God’s Kingdom would come and His will be done among the Luwu

       Matthew 6:10

30 Days

Each year we join thousands around the world to pray for the people of Muslin World during Ramadan.





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