October Update 2021

Upcoming news and events

The cold autumnal nights have started to creep in and we are all getting used to clicking that +1 hour switch on the central heating again. For the month of October our surname booking system will continue to stay in place. With the restarting of Sunday Club we ask that anyone with children wanting to attend Sunday Club or make use of our parent/child overflow, book into our 11am service regardless of your surname. 

Service times and dates are shown below.  

To sign up please send your surname and how many seats you will need to 07536993212. 

Sponsored Walk

Graham Murray, who many of you will know from GBC, is taking part in a sponsored walk from Carrickfergus Castle to Belfast City Hall in memory of his son Theo, and all money raised will go toward the charity Sands NI! 

He’s even determined to do it with a broken ankle so if you’d like to support him then please give via the link below!


CAP Report 

We are currently working with 24 local families, 5 of which are new clients.  We were delighted to see two of our clients go debt free in September.  Visits continue face to face or at the church when possible.   

We continue to collect free food from Tesco, Lidl and M&S and as of next week we will be starting to collect from Sainsburys in Carrickfergus.  Please pray that good relationships with the management and staff at Sainsburys will develop quickly.  Give thanks to God for all of our volunteers who are dedicated to serving in various roles and who have a big heart for the local community. 

We continue to distribute perishable food that we receive free from the supermarkets at the front door of the church on Tuesdays and Thursdays at our ‘Help Yourself’ table.  This provision from God is feeding many families who are struggling to put food on the table due to being on benefits long term or who are in low-income jobs.  Please pray that as relationships are forged at the front door that many of these people will start to enter into the church building and hear more of the good news of Jesus Christ. 

As furlough ends this week, we are expecting a high volume of new clients in the months ahead. Please pray that people will not wait too long before accessing help as the waiting period adds extra stress and worry.   

On a personal note I have had Shingles for the past 6 weeks and would appreciate your prayers for that too. 


Many blessings 

Jacqui Robb 

£100 Spend Local Voucher

Over 1 million people have already applied for their £100 ‘Spend Local’ High Street voucher. A few people have approached me recently to ask if they could donate their voucher to CAP so that we can offer extra support to our CAP clients during these difficult times.  The answer to that question is YES! YES! YES!  We would be happy to receive any vouchers or partial vouchers that you would like to donate.  One lady asked if she could donate £50 off her card and I’ve asked her to bring the card when she has spent her first £50 and we will use the remainder of the card to bless someone in need.  Or maybe you would like to use your voucher to buy a Christmas gift for a cap client?  As Christmas approaches, we would be happy to accept lady’s/men’s gift sets or vouchers so that toys can be purchased for children.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me (Jacqui) on 07828733074. 


Please remember to pray for families on Universal Credit who will be struggling from this week onwards as the £86 per month pandemic Uplift Payment will be stopped.  One client said ‘when that £86 a month is removed, I’m destitute. I’m left with a situation of where do we go from here? … I’m going to have to go without so that my children can have food.’


We usually go through about 300+ of these Tesco bags each Christmas for the Christmas hampers, so if people would like to buy some and donate them for the CAP Christmas hampers that would be great.
They are 60p each (they sell out quickly so we want to get in there quickly). 

Thanks. Jacqui


Dates for the Diary

Below is an overview of dates to remember over the next month! We hope you will be able to join us at some of these evenings in October!

7pm Sunday Evenings - October

10th Oct -  Window on the World - Matt and Kelsea Foreman Commissioning service

17th Oct - Equip/Engage (Youth) meeting in the building and a Membership information evening

24th Oct - Prayer Meeting  (Stephen Broad)

7.30pm Tuesday Evenings - October

12th Oct: Elders’ meeting

19th Oct: Prayer on Zoom (John Barron)

26th Oct: Table Talk (John McMillan)

If you need help please contact us. If you would like to be involved in anything that is happening in church please get in contact using info@greenislandbaptist.com. There is always something to be a part of at GBC.